Tuesday Talk Series

Meet the Sinnissippi Safe Passage Coordinators

Sauk Valley Voices of Recovery CPRS Cassandra Smiley provides a candid conversation with Sinnissippi Safe Passage Coordinators Wyatt Zakosek and AJ Buser. They discuss how the Dixon Police Dept Safe Passage Police Deflection program operates and what to do if you need help.

What Makes a Community Truly Safe?

Dan Martin, the Safe Community Coordinator of New Lenox Safe Community Coalition, talks about how there is much more to having a safe community than just the crime rate. Things like overdose, suicide, traffic accidents, domestic violence all play a role in creating a safe space.

The Opposite of Addiction

Tune in for Johann Hari’s “The Opposite of Addiction” which was featured in September at Recover-Con.

My Lived Experience with Jason Moss

Jason Moss shares his story of addiction and sobriety. As Jason puts it, “my life was filled with trauma, hate, love, pain, disappointment, and joy; and I whole heartedly believe in carrying the message of hope to those still sick and suffering

From Dope to Hope

Author, podcaster, and star of A&E’s “Dope Man”, Tim Ryan, is the featured speaker on thisTuesday Talk! Join us as Tim shares his personal story and his thoughts on how he thinks the system can improve to help more people redeem themselves from their years of addiction.

How Addiction Impacts Local Government

Listen in as Dixon City Manager, Danny Langloss, and Oregon City Administrator, Darin DeHann, discuss the national opioid epidemic and its effects on communities and local governments.

Addiction Touches Us All

Marcie Massa shares her family’s story of addiction, the loss of a loved one, and how stigma could have saved a life.

Safe2Help Illinois

This Tuesday Talk features Samantha Kanish from Safe2Help Illinois. Samantha shares information about Safe2Help Illinois and its ongoing effort to raise awareness of the 21st century threats facing Illinois students, like bullying, suicide, self-injury, drugs, depression, and anxiety.

What Is Recovery Dharma?

This Tuesday Talk features Stephanie Englund, MSW, LSW, QMPH, CADC, of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois. Tune in as she discusses Recovery Dharma, a program that incorporates the Buddhist ethical system and uses mindfulness as a recovery tool.

Recovery is Possible Through Peer Support

Jan Birks LCSW, LCDC, SAP discusses central elements of recovery with an emphasis on the importance of peer support.

Recover-Con is Coming!

Join us and learn about Recovery-Con! This substance use disorder prevention, treatment and recovery advocacy conference is taking place on September 17th and 18th at Sauk Valley Community College. Hear about their notable speakers and other activities occurring during this virtual and in-person event.

Conquering Recovery Barriers with Medication Assisted Treatment

Dr. Denise Smith and Whitney Miller, of the Whiteside County Community Health Clinic discuss the role Medication Assisted Treatment can play in recovery, how the WCCHC uses this treatment approach, and what to do if you think you could benefit from MAT services.

What Role Should Opioids Play in Managing My Pain?

KSB Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pratip Nag, and Dr. Azhar Kothawala, Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Physician discuss the role opioids play in pain management, the risks they pose, and alternative treatment options. They also share tips on how to talk to your doctor about pain.

Why Collaboration Between Behavioral Health and Education is Essential

Accessing care can be difficult, especially in our rural communities. School-based services can take many shapes and they are helping redefine how our families access timely, convenient care. Join Gloria, Sarah, and April from Sinnissippi Centers as they talk about how their program is making an impact.

The NEXUS Program

Chris Tennyson and Diana Merdian, of the Regional Office of Education 47, discusses how the NEXUS Program is working to create stronger families, stronger schools, and stronger communities.

Identifying & Embracing Recovery Pathway Bias in the Healthcare Workforce

Recovery advocate, Donald McDonald, discusses how bias can impact quality of care for individuals in recovery from substance use disorders and how those in the healthcare field should examine these biases.

Rural Efforts to Address Residential Treatment of Substance Use Disorders

Tune in to Project OPEN’s Tuesday Talk with a panel discussion on the importance of these residential treatment facilities, the challenges in our community, and what the future looks like.

Project OPEN Overview

Tuesday Talk is a weekly video series by Project OPEN designed to keep the topics of addiction, recovery, prevention and treatment at the forefront of local conversation. Tune in to hear about an Overview and how Project OPEN started with Natalie Andrews and Aaqil Khan.

Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong

Tune in to hear a TED Talk by Johan Hari with discussion afterwards by Dan Hostetler, Aaqil Khan and Gerald Lott.